Saturday, June 3, 2017

Are you struggling to break free? Download Scripture Cards

Are you struggling? Do you have a problem that just seems too big to handle?

Sometimes what we are going thru seems to hard too bear. When we are in the middle of a struggle it is hard to have a positive perspective. The problem seems like a huge mountain and we don't have enough energy to face it another day.

I saw a funny the other day that said... see the footprints in the sand...that is where I walked beside you; see that long groove over there.... that is when I dragged you for a while.

Feel like the Lord is dragging you? Read this post...

I know.... I know.... He picks us up and carries us, right? Well, have you ever tried to carry a child who is kicking and screaming because they don't want to go the way you are making them go? But you know best, (cause you're the parent) so sometimes you might have to drag them a little. Not in a harmful way but in a safe way for BOTH of you. (as arms and legs are swirling around you!) If you are a mom of a child over two you get the picture!

Have you ever felt the dragging of the Lord? It usually comes after the gentle prompting that we didn't obey. Then there was the more direct persuasion but we still didn't obey. Then someone gave you confirmation that this is the way you need to go and you just outright said "NO!". That's about when the dragging takes place!

Our Heavenly father knows what is best for us. He can see the BIG picture. He sees what lies ahead of us on the path we are on. He loves us and adores us and wants us to be happy. But he knows what is best and to protect us he will drag us if needed. 

You will most likely struggle during this process. You may not understand what is going on around you. Your faith is being tested. You feel week and out of control. You normally trust the Lord and His direction but this time you just don't see how this is going to get better. You can't see any light at the end of the tunnel.

As you struggle you are being strengthened. Your faith may be tested but when you get through this it will be stronger than ever! You may feel weak but give it ALL to God. Don't fight against the Lord. Walk beside Him as he fights this battle for you. When you get to the other side of whatever it is you are going through right now, you will be able to look back and see the Lord's hand at work, it may not be immediately but eventually you will see.

When we come out of each battle we are stronger than when we went into it. If you are thinking, "God, you said you wouldn't give me more than I can handle. And I don't feel like I can handle much more of this...". Know this very important fact...God knows EXACTLY how much you can handle. He made you, he knows the number of hairs on your head, and he knows right where you are at right now! He has not left you! Trust Him even when you cannot see Him working. He will bring you through :)  

Download FREE scripture cards

The Lord is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts, and I am helped.
~Psalm 28:7

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Do you have a favorite scripture that has gotten you through a time of trial in your life? Would you be willing to share that scripture with others who might be facing the same situation? ❤❤❤❤❤
Please write the scripture or reference in the comments! Thank you :)

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