Monday, April 17, 2017

Excellent way to be a Blessing...Send a Card!

Recently I went to a ladies conference that did something I had never seen done at an event like this. There were approximately 40-50 ladies present and each received a gift bag. Each bag contained 6-8 greeting cards addressed to women all over the country. They were stamped and ready to go...They just needed a personal note written inside each one. 

Our assignment was to write an encouraging note inside 
each card and pop them in the mail. 

Read about the challenge I received at the latest Ladies Conference I attended.

For the most part we didn't know the individuals to whom we would be writing. A few had a note with info about the recipient. I got a couple that was for teenagers and it was good to know their ages. The rest we had no idea...No idea of their needs, their ages, their relationship with the Lord, nothing.

What would we write? We were challenged to be encouraging! I intend to pray over my cards and ask for the Holy Spirit's guidance as I begin to write the words that are given to me.
               These ladies are going to be extremely surprised!
(Stay tuned to find out what kind of responses we get)

Now, sending cards has kind of gone by the wayside. I don't know about you... but the only cards I get now days are graduation announcements from very close relatives, a birthday card from my mother, mother's day cards from my kids, and anniversary cards from my hubby. I don't think I even got any Christmas cards last year! So getting cards in the mail is almost unheard of. I believe that's what makes this project even more special! 

How wonderful would it be to get a random card from someone who is thinking about you and praying for you?

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What about you? When was the last time you mailed a card to someone? You can pick up a package of pretty cards that are blank in the middle at most dollar stores for $1. Or check out these Super Cute Blank Greeting Cards on Amazon. I also really like these

Floral Prints with Inspirational Bible Quotes. If you like the chalkboard look check out these Chalkboard Have Faith Notecards. These are great to have on hand to send a Thank you or just an encouraging note. It doesn't take long to say, "I am thinking about you today and praying for you!" You might just make someone's day! 

So go ahead...send a card to that person 
who is on your mind today and be a Blessing to them! 

Read about the challenge I received at the latest Ladies Conference I attended.

Do you still send cards? On what occasions? 
What are some special cards that you still get?

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Inexpensive Fun for Families with Children!

Looking for activities to do with your kids? 
                                   .....It doesn't have to be expensive to be fun!

It's not About the Things You  Do,
 But About the Memories You Make.

Inexpensive Family Fun. Check out website and follow Shining With Sparkle on Pinterest!

What did you look forward to when you were a kid? The most popular answer here is probably going to be vacation. But try to think of more common things you did that you looked forward to or that you have good  memories of. 
Did you have a special place you liked to go, something you looked forward to doing each week, month, or year? Maybe you got a special reward if you did well in school...

I enjoyed doing crafts with my mom, riding horses with my dad, helping my grandparents garden and can their veggies, and stopping at the little country store for ice cream or a candy bar. (Life might have been just a little bit simpler back then!)

When my husband and I had children it was definitely different but we tried to do fun things! We took our kids to the zoo, to car shows, local festivals, went fishing, and stopped to get ice cream or snocones....just to name a few. 

Now that our kids are growing up our time together has definitely changed. We have two in college and our youngest is 14. Recently my oldest daughter helped me finish laying pavers for a patio while our middle daughter helped my husband put a lift kit on our truck. (Yes we have ALL girls and they are NOT afraid to get dirty!) This may not sound like "fun" but it just shows that they still want to spend time with their parents. And that, my friends, makes my heart happy! (Our youngest was at a youth event...didn't want to leave her out)

If you are looking for Fun and Inexpensive things to do 
You have come to the right place!

I ran across this free printable: Family Fun Traditions: Dozens of Easy Ways to Make Every Month of the Year More Memorable on the Flanders Family Website. Go check it out here and download your free copy!

You can find more fun activities, ideas, and traditions on my Family Fun Pinterest Board. To Follow Shining With Sparkle on Pinterest Click HERE

I need your help...
I am working on a New Top 10 List! What are some fun things you do with your children (all ages)? Let's see if your idea makes the Top 10 List! Leave your ideas in the comments.